We are located in beautiful Whitehorse, Yukon.  Our home is open to anyone who may want to come to the Yukon for a visit and to pick up their puppy.  Puppies can go as carry-on in cabin with their owners back home.  But we also realize travel can be difficult and costly for families so have a great system for shipping our puppies. 

We will glady accept inquiries from everywhere and have puppies placed all over Canada including British Columbia, Alberta,  Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and the US.  We will ship our puppies to all of these locations to the major airports.  What is really nice is that most puppies get to travel together as we usually have several puppies from a litter going to the same province. All have done very well with air travel or we would not offer it. 

People often ask isn't the puppy going to be scared??  The answer simply is no.  The puppies do amazing with travel and it's really good for them to learn that travelling is ok.  We include alot of car travel with our enrichment activities to prepare them as well as crate training is started. 

Over the years we deal with Air North Yukon's Airline as well as West Jet Cargo and CargoJet to get our babies to where they need to go.  They have been absolutely fabulous we thank them for all the care they give us and our puppies.  Shipping is arranged by us you don't have to do anything except show up to cargo on the day they arrive.  We take care of all arrangements and flight details.  The cost of shipping puppies averages between $400-600 additional which includes all details, crate and flight