Our love for the weimaraner breed started back in 2001.  When Holly graduated from the Veterinary technician program we decided that her graduation present would be a weimaraner puppy.  We had searched for a year before we came across Dave & Liette Fadden of Stonepoint Weimaraners in London, ON.  Holly and liette had so much in common and we knew right then it was the perfect fit and the rest would be history from there.  We aquired our first puppy Trinity in March 2003, thought she was "just a pet", who would have dreamed where she would have taken us.  She welcomed us to the wonderful world of weimaraners and was an amazing easygoing pup.  A year later Liette & Dave placed their keeper show potential puppy with us "Faye" Ch. Stonepoint's Picture Perfect RN, NRD, NSD, V.  This girl was everything she loved to show and was the most amazing show dog.  She also took us to many great places and many exciting adventures in performance sports.  Most of all she was our heart and soul and the best dog anyone could have asked for.  She would go on to become the foundation of Colray Weimaraners

In 2007 we welcomed our first litter and the rest is history from there.   15+ years we are still at it.  Our love for the weimaraner breed has only grown each year and we are so happy we went down that road and owe much of our success to our friends and Mentors Dave & Liette Fadden of Stonepoint.

Holly is a registered veterinary technician and has been working at various clinics since 2002.  Being in the medical industry has kept our priority on health and temperament.  All our dogs are first and foremost loving family members.  Without solid health and temperament nothing else matters

Frank is a propane gas specialist by trade but has made the transition back to the desk as a parts specialist at a leasing RV dealership in Whitehorse.

We moved to Whitehorse back in 2015 to a glorious 10 acre property. We needed a change in our lives and this was just the place.  Colray Acres took form and our farm began to grow.   We began with raising chickens and discovered how amazing farm fresh eggs were.  We then started raising turkeys and quickly found our newest passion.  We added pigs and then sheep.  We are now to the point in our farming endeavors that we are able to produce quality meat to Yukoners.  We now have a mobile store to sell our quality ethically raised and processed meat.  Summer 2023 we were finally able to get our pork to the local Fireweed Community Market